The Arrow

[OS] For A Short While (Oliver x Roy)

Title: For A Short While
Author: Nina*
Pairing: Oliver Queen x Roy Harper
Rating: PG-15
Author’s note: This’s my first ‘The Arrow’ fan fiction and my first English fan fiction. My English skill is quit bad if you have any suggestion, it’s fine to tell me! Comment on this blog or mention me on twitter. Thanks! 😀




“Roy” Oliver place his hands on Roy’s cheek, touching fondly with a lips of him.


“This…is not good”


“Do you think I’m not ‘good’ on bed?” Oliver giggles when Roy’s blushed.


“Nope, I just…oh gosh! Don’t tease me, Oliver”


“Why? Why I can’t ? Don’t you know how cute you’re when you feeling shy and get red on your cheek.”


“Please, Stop. You’re talking too much, Oliver. Please…just do anything you wanna do with me.”


“Come on, I don’t want to make you upset.”


Roy closed his eyes and let the older man kissed his mouth. Oliver whispering to Roy that how much he’s cute right now and then Oliver pushed his tongue onto Roy’s throat. Roy moaning quilted and gripped on Oliver’s shoulder. Roy can’t figure it out, he’s not thinking of Thea, not thinking of this weird relationship, he’s can’t think anything else. He only focus on Oliver’s lips and fingers that touching around on his back and take off Roy’s clothes.


“N..not here, Oliver. If  Felicity or John coming back…”


“They’re not coming back soon, trust me.”


Sure, They’re not coming back really soon or all night because Oliver sent John Dickle going back home to take care his wife and little Sarah, his daughter. And Felicity, She have a dinner with Ray Plammer tonight.


“But….on the table? I’ve never know you’ve this taste.


“You already know”


Oliver lift Roy up to carry on his hip, pressing a kiss of passionate on Roy’s mouth and push him down on sofa. Younger man moaning when Oilver touch his nipple and crushing it.


“Do you like it?” asked, Oliver


“Damn, Oliver”


“You really love it”


“Shut up and fuck me…now”


“It’s my pleasure”